Are You Always Freezing? Try Columbia’s Omni-Heat.

Have you noticed the commercials for Columbia’s Omni-Heat technology recently on TV? The commercials usually feature a scantily clad person doing crazy things, like making snow angels in subzero temperatures in their underwear. Then they throw on their Columbia Jacket with Omni-Heat technology and say, “It’s always warm inside Omni-Heat!” If you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering how Omni-Heat works- and if it really does make your outerwear 20% warmer.

Now, make no mistake about it, I get cold. I am one of those people always searching for the warmest jacket. Here in Colorado, outdoor activities are popular year round. While we are blessed with lots of sunshine, it can get very cold (especially in the mountains). If you’re “cold-blooded” like myself, your options are either to miss those fun winter outdoor activities entirely, suck it up and freeze your way through them, or find yourself some outerwear that will keep you warm enough to enjoy yourself. It’s pretty clear which option is superior!

When it comes to outerwear, I am pretty picky. Not only do I need something extremely warm and functional, I am very style-conscious and don’t want to look like the Michelin man in my jacket. That’s why I was thrilled when I tried on the Columbia Midtown Myth Jacket in Cherry Bomb. Not only does the Midtown Myth Jacket have Omni-Heat technology and down insulation for ultimate warmth and comfort, it’s an amazing silhouette with a figure-flattering cinched waist.  Plus, the color is an eye-popping bright red. I want to turn heads, and this jacket does the trick!

The first time I wore my new Midtown Myth jacket in chilly Colorado temperatures, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Omni-Heat liner makes a world of difference. The jacket actually got warmer with time. This is because I generated more body heat and then the Omni-Heat technology reflected it back towards me, increasing the temperature even more. After several hours I was still warm and toasty, and completely hooked on this jacket.

The Midtown Myth jacket really convinced me that Omni-Heat works, so when it came time to buy a new ski outfit, there was no question which brand was right for me. I selected the women’s Best Dam Down Jacket (in red) and the Double-Back Pant. I love the look of the stripes contrasted against my red ski jacket. Again, the Omni-Heat technology delivered its promises. These are the warmest and most comfortable ski jackets and pants I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. Usually my butt gets cold after a full day on the slopes, but this time I was nice and warm right up until the last run.

Of course I can’t forget about layering! Layering is the best way to stay warm and dry no matter what the activity. You could have the warmest insulation available in your jacket, but if you haven’t layered with a performance moisture wicking base layer under your outerwear, you’re in for a miserable day. Columbia makes great layering products as well. I wear the women’s Baselayer Midweight Top and the matching Baselayer Midweight Tight. The fabric is silky soft and the perfect weight for a cold day. It wicks the moisture from perspiration away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable all day. I love my Columbia base layers so much, I wear them under my street clothes on particularly cold days. They lay flat under jeans and sweaters and provide the extra bit of warmth I need when the temperatures are frigid.

So the next time you see one of those wild, funny commercials for Columbia products, you’ll know exactly what Omni-Heat is, what it does, and that it actually does work! Be sure to check out all the great Columbia styles available on They’ll have you feeling warm and looking hot!

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