Behind the Scenes: The Annual WinterWomen Photo Shoot!

Last week’s WinterWomen Photo Shoot was a blast! Each Spring, WinterWomen puts on a fun and fast-paced photo shoot to showcase the next year’s products. This year wasn’t any different! We had a great time working with the photographer, the models, our reps, and the new product for next year’s season.

The women’s product for next year is killer! Bright colors, retro-throwbacks, and fun patterns dominate the snowboard style. Tailored fits, color flashbacks from the 80’s, and sophisticated lines show off a style fitting for a feminine skier. Our models most definitely seemed to love showing the product off. Who could resist jumping to a pretend air-guitar when wearing purple corduroy snowboard pants with small chains?!! We not only aimed for genuine fun, but also simplicity, sophistication, and femininity in each and every one of our shots.

Check out some behind the scenes pictures below!:

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