What to look for in a Ski Resort!

There are important details we look for when we are planning a vacation… the cost, the location, and the quality are all essential when preparing your trip. A winter vacation has more details that need to be looked at before committing to a resort. I have listed some qualities to look for your family this slope season!

Lift ticket costs!

If you have beginners with you then you will most likely not be using the lifts as much as experienced skiers. You won’t want to pay the full price for a lift ticket so discounted ticket rates for beginners are essential in the cost of your trip!


This is an important factor because many people suffer from altitude sickness. This can give you headaches and shortness of breath which affects your vacation!

Ski Instruction!

Just like ski lift tickets, it is important to find the right instructor for your beginners. You want to check reviews on certain instructors at certain resorts. There are different teaching techniques for skiing everywhere. And there isn’t one perfect teacher for each. So if your child seems to be improving with one instructor, then the reoccurrence of coming again will help his skills in the future!

Airport distance from the resort!

This depends on the length of your trip. Most slopes are a couple hour drives from the nearest airport; however, some can be just 30 minutes. If you have an extended trip then this won’t matter too much. However, if you plan on a weekend, the distance between your resort and airport will matter.


Changing weather patterns will determine if your slope will have a lot of natural snow or a lot of manmade snow. This affects your skiing/ snowboarding techniques depending on if the snow is soft or icy. So make sure you check the weather channel before booking your trip so you get the best winter wonderland for your ski trip!


What ski resort is your favorite? What are your favorite qualities to look for? Comment below!

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