How to Hit the Slopes Fast and Hard!

We are all excited about our upcoming trips to the slopes for our favorite winter activities.  However, we may not be excited about the soreness and aching joints that follows a great day of skiing and snowboarding.  It’s important to realize, in order to get the most out of your winter sport, you may need to prepare yourself in advance.  It will give you the ability to last longer on the day of and renew your confidence!

We may have spent the last couple months binging Halloween goodies and this month will indulge in a Thanksgiving feast. We also probably slacked on the exercise needed to keep our stamina up!  I’ll go over three steps to start 8 weeks before your first visit to the slopes that will improve your strength and fitness for your ski vacation.


Cardio is essential!

  • Two to three times a week go for a thirty-minute jog or even cycle. The muscles used during these exercises are also used for snowboarding and skiing.  It will begin to stretch and strengthen these areas for all skill types.




Strength exercises, of course!

  • The slopes require core and leg strength in order to balance and keep endurance.  Sit-ups, knee bends, and squat jumps are able to get you ready for certain positions and angles when skiing and snowboarding.  Do 25-30 minutes of these exercises three times a week.


Practice your alignment and positions!

  • Stand in front of a mirror and practice the neutral position of your body when skiing and snowboarding.  Do this regularly so it feels natural.  Practice your toe turn and heel turn to all snowboarders.  And for skiers, practice your “pizza” for beginners and your “French fries” for experts.



By preparing yourself for the slopes, you are also more likely to reduce injury.  The confidence and strength you will gain through these small preparations will make your day on the slopes that much more enjoyable!

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MacKenzie just recently moved from Tennessee to the beautiful Colorado region to explore more of the outdoors. Her love for adventure and nature are huge passions behind her lifestyle. She's excited to be so close to the mountains so she can hike, bike, and snowboard!

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