How to Make Summer 2016 the Best One Yet

wildflowersAhhh…summer is finally here. June 21st marks the official first full day of summer: a season full of hope, plans, ideas, and potential getaways. Before summer officially begins, plans are being bounced around between spouses, friends, family members, and co-workers, with what to do and when to do it over the summer.

With plenty of activities going on every day of the week, like outdoor concerts, sports leagues, rooftop happy hours, and so much to see and do in the mountains (like camping, hiking, mountain biking…you name it!), it’s easy to think “I’m going to do so much, and try so many new experiences this summer!” However, summer seems to always fly by – leaving me looking at the calendar shocked that it’s already August 30th. I may have had a great summer, but did I do everything that I had hoped to do?

The summer months really do fly by, and usually those three months end up being packed with events that come first before your own plans – like weddings and family reunions. While these events are fun, and of course something that we’re (usually) happy to attend, it does give us less time free time to make plans for the other things we’d like to do this summer.

If you’ve got a prior engagement this summer, like an out of town wedding (or two!), don’t worry – you can still have an incredible summer and make it the best one yet. Here’s our recommendations on how to plan your summer out so there’s less disappointment at the end, and more excitement throughout – and so you don’t look at your calendar in September and say to yourself: “Where did the time go, and what did I do all summer?”

Make A List of Top, Must-Do Activities

As much as we’d love to go camping every weekend, realistically, it doesn’t usually work out that way. There might be a fun event in the city, or prior plans with a friend to do something low-key and local.

The best way to make sure all plans are fulfilled this summer is to make a list. Write down everything you or your spouse or significant other are interested in doing this summer, and narrow it down to the top 5 activities you’d like to do locally, and the top 5 activities you’d like to do out of town. Local activities can be farmers markets, visiting the botanical gardens, or throwing a BBQ for family and friends, while out of town activities can be long day hikes, camping, and maybe that trip you’ve been talking about taking for years to the Cape.

Once you’ve got a list of the top activities you’d like to do, it’s time to set a schedule of when you can make these activities or getaways happen.


Go Ahead and Book It

Talking about that big concert in the beginning of July with a friend, but haven’t set concrete plans yet? If it’s something you’re interested in, go ahead and book it!

Officially booking an activity or scheduling an event is the best way to assure that it will happen – and you’re not sitting around at home the day or evening of, and remembering that really fun event you were supposed to be at…and now it’s too late. Schedule it, and get excited!

Need to Get Out of Town? Take Small Weekend Trips

A major refresher doesn’t need to be a trip to the Keys (although, that is quite a vacation!). If you’re feeling like you need to escape everyday life and clear your head, weekend road trips are much easier than weekend trips that require air travel.

Two nights away (Friday through Sunday) can have plenty of fun packed in to a couple days. You’ll be feeling happy and refreshed after your short weekend getaway, even if it means you’re back in the office first thing Monday morning.

weekend road trip

Give Yourself A Weekend of Rest

Rest – even while the weather is beautiful outside and the mountains are calling- is a necessity to our well being. As enticing as it sounds to be out of town every weekend (whether it’s short weekend getaways or traveling across country), it is important to have some “rest weekends” in between travel time.

Going camping the first weekend of July? Take the next weekend to relax and enjoy some downtime in your local city. Have a week long family vacation the last weekend in July? Try not to plan a big camping trip or weekend getaway the weekend before. You’ll need some downtime to make sure you’re not burned out before your family trip!

And remember: it’s okay to say “no” to plans. If it’s pushing your schedule to the max, it’s perfectly OK to decline. While you want to make the most out of summer, you also want to be rested and able to enjoy everything you do have planned!


Are you ready to get out and explore this summer? Let us know in the comments below how you plan on having the best summer yet!

Feeling uninspired with local events going on in your town, or have no budget for travel this summer? Head to your local news outlets online, as they will usually post FREE activities weekly, ranging from concerts to festivals, in your city!

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