How to Properly Store Winter Ski and Snowboard Gear Over the Summer

Although some resorts are still getting spring snow storms, the season will be coming to an end for many other resorts. The chairlifts will be nearing a resting state and the slopes will be left to shed their white blankets for the emerging green. A common mistake snow adventurers make is to not properly prep and store their gear over the summer. There are a few ways to appropriately store your gear when not in use that will help prolong its life.


It’s best to give your apparel one last wash before shoving them in the back of the closet for the summer season. Oil and dirt that builds up on the outer layer can hamper the waterproofing abilities of the garment. Make sure to follow all care instructions on the tag and use a proper detergent such as Nikwax Tech Wash. This detergent will efficiently clean the garment as well as help revive the water repellency. There are also specific detergents for baselayers and down garments from Nikwax. Be sure to allow the garments to COMPLETELY dry before storing them away.

When choosing a location to store winter apparel, try to avoid cramming them in the smallest place possible. Find a spot where they can remain in their natural state and breath.

Skis and Boards

To help keep the bases from drying out, ask your local ski shop for an end of the season tune for storage. This means they will brush and scrape the old wax then apply a thick layer of wax to sit on the bases all summer. Most places will even remove the wax for you free of charge in the fall. It’s not necessary to get the edges waxed and any core shots fixed at the end of the season, but it could save some precious time at the beginning of next season. Ski shops get crazy busy in the fall with everyone amped to get back on the slopes.

It’s best to store them in a cool, dry location, and always store outside of any travel bags or cases. Any hidden moisture in these can lead to rust forming on your edges.

Strapping the skis together will help deter any damage from potential jostling around trying to get to those bikes or other summer gear.


A common mistake made by skiers is to not buckle up your boots when not wearing them. If left unbuckled for long periods of time, the shape of the boot can change leading to the boots not fitting your foot properly. Keep them buckled on the loosest setting to help prolong their life.

Make sure the liners are dry before storing them away to help prevent odor producing fungi.


Don’t get too down putting away your ski gear. This way it’ll be all ready for you to go next season! And just think of all the warm weather adventures you can get into to keep fit for the anticipated powder days.

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