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When it is cold outside, it makes it a lot easier for all of us to hibernate.  On those days when we just feel like taking a break from the slopes, there are countless winter activities that everyone can enjoy.  Being one of the busiest time of the year, having ideas stashed in your back pocket before the house arrest days is a great idea. Check out our ideas below for recommendations of fun wintertime family activities, and a few for just the ladies:

Motivational movie night. Indoor hibernation does not have to mean lack of motivation.  One of the best ways to get inspired to ride, while lounging on the couch (yes, that is possible!), is to watch documentaries of professionals on the mountain.  You will get excited for the fresh powder days and gain some extra confidence to work on your skills.  A couple of our recommendations:

  • Warren Miller’s: Bloopers, Blunders, and Bailouts. This particular film highlights the resilience of the human body.  Even if you are a pro, you are going to have wipe outs.  In this Miller film, he showcases that not all moments on the mountain are beautiful and graceful, but that we can bounce back, and keep moving down the mountain. Watching this helps will definitely help your mentality on the slopes, especially your first day mentality. It is okay to crack a smile at yourself when you fall, as we can all experience the rusty feeling  that first day out.
  • The Art of Flight. This Red Bull  sponsored documentary that was released last fall, will show you artful gracefulness to aspire to.  Snowboarder Travis Rice tests the boundaries of possibility, and showcases what can be accomplished on the mountain.  After this one, the entire family will be dreaming about the next time they get to hit the slopes.
  • Also, be sure to check out Peep Show Films.  They have a collaboration video series with Roxy and the best part, the filming is centered on female riders.  Their mission is to give a “fresh perspective on female snowboarding.”  The riders that participate are passionate about the sport, and passionate about sharing their love and talent with others.

Baking a friendly and delicious competition. If you are a family full of active skiers, or snowboards, it is okay to eat all of the holiday cookies (at least that is how we justify it).  Take the friendly competition to the kitchen and have each family member try their hand at making a different winter sweet treat.  Of course we are partial to these adorable ski cookie recipes.  When it’s cold, but there is no snow on the ground, this can be a great indoor activity.  And just like the movies, cookies can help push you to the slopes.  Perhaps the winner of the friendly family bake off will get to select the first run of the day down the mountain! Or perhaps they get to pick which ski/snowboard trip the family is going to take next!

Go shopping for the small stuff.  It is hard to forget the large items when you are preparing for a winter trip: jacket, pants, boots, helmet, socks, hat, and gloves/mittens.  If is much easier to forget the tiny necessary essentials.  Make a trip with the girls and make sure to get all the small stuff and pack your pockets before a trip: face moisturizer, small snacks, travel size sunscreen, lotion, pocket tissues,  HeatMax toasti toes and hot hands.  One more thing, that I always seem to forget, sunglasses!  Put an extra pair in the visor of your car so you are never without.  This season, we are carrying a variety of Smith’s Suncloud Sunglasses, that are perfect for exactly that.  If you have to come up with any white elephant gifts for parties this coming season, they make a great one.

Mountain Jams.  Another thing to do, put on the music while you are around, and share amongst family and friends your favorite slope songs.  For a fun idea, have a dinner party, with some food and drinks (or do it over hot chocolate!), and make the music exchange an event. You can place notepads at each persons seat, so they can make a note of their favorites while listening.  Take turns selecting music that you groove to on the mountain to get some new ideas for your iPod.

Walking in a lighted wonderland.  Around this time of year, most town centers are full of lights and decorations for the holiday season.  Put some delicious hot chocolate in a travel mug, and take the family down to walk though the sparkly center.  Our favorite time to take these walks is at night, when there is snowfall, and all of the snow is illuminated by the lights.  We know that when one person gets cold, walking around outside is no longer fun.  So, make sure that everyone is bundled up appropriately for the weather. Oh, and be sure to take a camera, because we know we all look good in our favorite winter hats!  This is also a great time to test out the warmth and functionality of your new winter gear.  Layer up with your new base layers, fleeces, and jackets to find the perfect combination of clothing for the perfect day on the mountain.  A lot of towns also offer fun winter activities such as ice skating, both outdoor and indoor.  That way you can also test out your gear while being active.  We would love to hear about your winter activities, especially the ones that take our minds to the mountains!

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  1. S'No Queen January 16, 2013 at 3:45 am #

    Some great ideas for keeping stoked while in hibernation. I like the baking idea and getting all warm and toasty with the smell of fresh cookies sounds awesome. Then watch The Art of Flight just before heading out to flatten some fresh powder!

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