Rewarding Resolutions

You have just finished indulging in all the delicious treats from the holiday season, and it is time to set some resolutions for the New Year.  The first challenge is determining what goals you want accomplish.  The second, more difficult challenge is figuring out how to keep up your motivation and stick to your goals, although they may be challenging.  To set you in the mood, we thought we would share some of our resolutions and also offer some suggestions for sticking to your plans.  It is very important when making your list, to set realistic goals, that you can really look forward to accomplishing.  The only ball that should be dropped this year, is in Times Square at midnight!

Spend more quality time with family and friends.  With how busy our lives get, especially around this time of the year, quality time spent with family and friends can simply not be enough.  Get creative and fun with your ideas on how to dedicate more time to your favorite people.  Try to set a certain date, once a month, where your group of friends and family can get together and have a dinner party.  Have everyone bring a dish or drink to share so that one person does not have to dedicate all their time to preparation.  If you repeat the same day each time, more people should be able to plan their schedules accordingly to attend.  When distance makes it impossible to see your loved ones very often, take advantage of modern technology and turn your regular phone calls into video chats!  Also, we love the idea of sending snail mail (letter, pictures, cards, etc.).  It seems to be a lost art which makes the receipt of it even more special.

 Be more adventurous.  This resolution can be custom fit to your ambitions.  Whether the adventure you have in mind is large or small, draft a plan to execute, conquer your fears, and go for it. Some adventures, depending on what you decide to do, can be costly, with hired instruction, equipment, and travel expenses to new destinations.  We suggest starting an adventure pot, where you can collect your loose change, and start saving for the trip you have in mind.  Asking friends and family for contributions on special occasions can be another a great way to bulk up your kitty.

 Must put down the chocolate!  Do you have a voice inside calling you to seek out all chocolate, all the time?  The holiday season is really great for helping you control that desire, not!  You make dozens of home baked cookies, then you try to avoid them every time you walk through the kitchen. “There are no cookies in the cupboard, there are no cookies in the cupboard.”  Unfortunately, putting the sweet treats behind closed doors does not keep you from them.  I do not think the “out of sight, out of mind” saying was ever intended for a chocoholic.  If you need some help getting motivated to get to the gym, and put down the sugar, recruit a friend with the same goal and help to encourage and motivate one another.  Set goals with one another that you would like to accomplish and push each other to reach them.  On those mornings you just do not feel like getting up and being active, hopefully your counterpart will help you kick it into gear, to look fabulous for the New Year.  In addition to setting goals, set rewards…perhaps if you go to the gym 4 times in one week, you can make a date for your favorite dessert.

 New Year, new hobby.  With the start of the New Year, start a new hobby that you can enjoy.  Either start up a new hobby, totally your own, or share in a hobby that one of your family members or friends enjoys (another great way to increase your quality time).  For the addition of a social hobby, think about joining a yoga or fitness studio that offers a multitude of different classes, with varying size, and meet new people.  Joining a community that is dedicated to physical and mental strength is a great way to start off the New Year.

Celebrate the conclusion of a great year, and the beginning of an even better one, by giving back to your community.  When the current year comes to a close, we all start to think about all of the memories that made the year exceptional.  We all have our list of things that we can be incredibly grateful for.  To start off the New Year in the right direction, pay it forward.  Take all of your thanks and happiness and do something special for your community at the start of 2013, that will help to carry your spirit of giving and generosity into the New Year.

We hope you all have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration.  We would love for you share your resolutions, your goals, and the rewards you are setting in place for when you get there!

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