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The upcoming holiday season is a very meaningful time of year for many people. The next few months will be full of family and friend gatherings. Sure, sometimes it can mean a lot of work, and maybe even a little stress.

Will there be a repeat of the family fight of 2011?
Are there meal options for Uncle John’s new, vegetarian girlfriend?

But, for some, this is the only time of year a large group of all your loved ones are together. Even if you all live in the same city, life can be busy leading to extended periods of time between visits. The holidays are a great time to reconnect. Inevitably, there will be many photo ops. Are you ready for the upcoming increase in your photo collection? More importantly, are your devices ready for the inundation of pictures? There’s nothing like the instant when you’re about to capture the perfect moment and you receive that awful, abrupt message that there is no storage available.

iphone out of storage message

So, here’s a little reminder to make sure to backup your photos from your phones and digital cameras for the upcoming holiday gatherings and trips!

And, as long as we’re on the subject of saving memories, make sure all the pictures you’ve taken from past holidays are properly backed up. Even if you are using a digital camera, I’m sure you are putting those pictures on a computer, right? Well, what’s to say that computer doesn’t crash, losing everything? It’s happened many times before. It’s one of those typical, that would never happen to me situations, but don’t be fooled!

computer crash

The first step to avoiding this catastrophe is to back up everything of importance onto an external hard drive. There are options that are less than $100. The key is to get one that is at least double the storage space as your computer to ensure you’ll have plenty of room in the future. Perhaps you’re already ahead of the game and have been using an external hard drive. Within the last few years, technology has, yet again, outdone itself and expanded the realm of possibilities in introducing the cloud.


I’ll be the first to admit, I did not understand the cloud at first. My iPhone kept instructing me to check my cloud and back things up to my cloud. This was all gibberish to me. As with all technology, the cloud evolved and has become more user-friendly. There are many varieties of the cloud and many of which offer a free amount of storage and low prices if you need more. What’s great about this method of backing up, is that you can send items directly from your phone or computer to the cloud and retrieve them from any device in which you can log in to your account! Your pictures are always just a few clicks away. And, the cloud can be used to store not only pictures but other important files as well. Check out different options such as Google Drive, Google Photos-this one will only hold pictures, iCloud or an original, Dropbox.

Memories may last a lifetime, but pictures sure do help us remember. So, make sure to have a backup system to keep all those holiday moments safe!

family photo in front of Christmas tree

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