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Photo by Andrew Preble

Photo by Andrew Preble


As a local business in Denver, Colorado cozily situated near the Bronco’s stadium and Denver Art Museum we have been lucky to enjoy all our Mile High city has to offer, from the vibrant sunsets you can spot on a nice long hike to the bustling local scenes of music, food, art, and comedy. We want to take some time to show love to our beautiful city and surrounding Colorado wonders and what better way to do so than to share our favorite places with our friends? On your next trip to the mountains, whether you’re going to Breckenridge, Loveland, or Eldora, we hope you take a day to hang like a local at some of our staff picks for Denver and beyond!

Places to Eat:

There are a lot of food choices in Denver. Most of them are awesome but some really stand above all the rest. We’re pretty serious about food here at WinterKids and WinterWomen, and we have some awesome suggestions to make your bellies happy.

Interstate Restaurant
1001 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204

Located just a few minutes away from our warehouse, Interstate is a great American eatery and bar. Grab a cheap and delicious local brew or cocktail during happy hour (we recommend the Horse’s Neck or the Huckleberry Lemonade) and you just can’t miss out on the Cubano with delicious shoestring fries or the Santa Fe Salmon Salad when it’s in season!  When you’re done eating, take a stroll down Santa Fe and check out the awesome shops and art galleries.


Azucar Bakery
1886 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

We decorate our sugar cookies with white chocolate! #eastercookies

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Ok, gluten lovers – this place will change your life. Family owned and located on a sweet strip of South Broadway, Azucar Bakery produces the BEST cookies, cakes, pastries, and sweets in Denver. There. We said it. You have to try the traditional Latin Alfajores cookies. They are Latin sandwich cookies filled with Dulce de Leche or guava jam. OH and on some Sundays they do open house cake tasting. FREE. CAKE. TASTING.


Avanti Food and Beverage
3200 Pecos Street
Denver, CO 80211

Avanti Food and Beverage is a European market-inspired food hall with seven different restaurants, a rooftop deck, and plenty of seating indoor and out. It has an incredible atmosphere with affordable food and drinks. Bring your party to Avanti for a casual night out with great food and drinks and more than enough options for eaters of all types!


Vinh Xuong Bakery
2370 W. Alameda Ave.
Denver, CO 80223

This local gem is one of our favorite lunch places down off Alameda and Federal. Vinh Xuong is a killer Vietnamese bakery that has the absolute best Bahn Mi sandwiches in Denver and they will even wrap it in a rice wrap if you can’t eat bread (but if you can eat the bread DO). They’ve got great Vietnamese coffee and even gluten-free sesame balls for dessert. Yum!


Unique places to go:

Denver is full of all kinds of cute little shops, vintage clothing stores, used book stores and has creative and unique local businesses everywhere you look. Choosing just a few of our favorites was hard, but we’re proud to say that we have, what we believe to be some of the most unique places on our list.

Fifty-Two 80’s A Totally Awesome Shop
1874 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

Head to this wild little shop for all your 80’s gadgets and trinkets, or for a quick round of one of your favorite Nintendo or Atari games. Browse shelves and shelves of your favorite 80’s toys and games. If you have a few minutes, check out their totally tubular website that takes you through a blast from the past complete with 80’s facts and those old-school arcade sounds and music that will warm your pixilated hearts.


The Wizard’s Chest
451 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Costumes and games and magic! Oh, my! The Wizard’s Chest is Denver’s very own enchanted castle. Family owned and full of wacky costumes, games, magic tricks, and more. This place is absolutely worth a visit (though you can shop ~*online*~). You’ll be greeted by a metal wizard out front and then you’re transported into a mystical wonderland that you could spend hours in looking through board games, playing with the multitude of odds & ends, trying on costumes and sometimes they even have game nights and other workshops and events in the store.  You can drop off your D&D friends on the way to the mountains and pick them up right where you left them on your way home!*

*Please do not actually abandon your friends at the Wizard’s Chest, they don’t have any room for boarders.


Casa Bonita
6715 W Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214

 The infamous, the notorious, Casa Bonita. Every Denver kid has had a birthday party at Casa Bonita. We won’t talk too much about the food because it’s not about that (unless you’re talking about the Sopapillas because those are pretty awesome). It’s about the live divers, the ridiculous trinkets, the atmosphere, the rite of passage. A bit of a wait, but an experience (and sopapillas) you’ll never forget. Plus they’ve been featured on South Park! Come on!


717 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203
1925 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

What’s your Skee-Ball high score?

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This is an arcade for all you adult children out there (no actual children, sorry – it’s 21+). Want to play killer old school arcade games and drink for cheap? This is the place to go! There is a downtown location and a location near the Fillmore concert venue off of the infamous Colfax. With over 30 pinball machines and other classic games like Track and Field, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, PacMan, you name it, they have it. Just please, don’t spill your drinks on the games :}

Outdoor adventures:

Obviously, there are plenty of places to go adventuring outside in Colorado, while we do have a couple outside of the city limits on our list, we wanted to show some love to those places we go all the time (and a couple of places that are special weekend trips).

Cherry Creek State Park Dog Park
S Entrance Rd
Aurora, CO 80015

 Traveling with a furry friend or not, this park is a great spot to stretch your legs and take a great walk through a low creek. The dog park is a huge open space with tons of friends for you and your pup to run around with – just don’t forget to bring a towel because your dog is definitely going in that creek!


Bear Creek Park
15600 W Morrison Rd
Lakewood CO 80228

Archery, swimming, trails, water skiing, boating and more! Everything you could want in one big outdoor space. This park is always bustling with awesome events and activities for outdoor kids of all ages.,_Forestry_and_Open_Space/Bear_Creek_Lake_Park/Bear_Creek_Lake_Park.aspx


The Wild Animal Sanctuary

2999 County Road 53
Keenesburg, CO 80643

Ok, so maybe this is an hour outside of Denver, but it is too cool not to include! Taking in animals from all over the world, this place provides a safe haven for abused and neglected endangered and large exotic wildlife. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is doing great things to help these neglected animals live comfortable and protected lives. If you have a heart for animals big and small, definitely consider planning a trip to the sanctuary and who knows maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll decide to get involved!

Ouray, Colorado

This is a special mention because it’s well… 5 hours outside of Denver, but it’s an awesome spot to check out that you might not hear about as often as all of our other outdoor attractions in Colorado. Ouray is located in the Uncompahgre National Forest in southwest Colorado. If you’re looking for that old mountain town charm without all the tourists, Ouray is the place to go. Scenic drives, hikes, lakes, a waterfall, and old mining ruins – there is plenty to do in the quaint mountain town of Ouray, and if you stay in town be sure to check out the beautiful Victorian architecture.












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