Three Health Benefits of Skiing!

When you are passionate about an activity, it is great to realize the health benefits associated with it.  We all enjoy the thrill of gliding down the mountains and challenging ourselves on improving our skills.  However, we may not know while we are doing so, we are not only improving our ability but our well-being as well.  I have listed three key improvements that skiing has to offer below.

Improves balance and flexibility.

You are constantly keeping your core balanced while you maneuver down the mountainside.  By doing so, you enhance your balance.  By learning balance, you are training all your muscles to work together.  And by improving flexibility, you are helping avoid strains and sprains from skiing and decreasing your risk for injury.

Increases cardiovascular endurance!

Who doesn’t like the idea of burning calories and losing weight?  Skiing gives you an opportunity to increase cardiovascular endurance which reduces stress and makes your lungs and heart stronger.  By increasing your endurance, you are able to last longer on the slopes.  We all want more ski time!

Strengthens bones and joints.

There are constant pressure and weight upon your joints when you are skiing downhill. By doing so, you increase the strength of your knees and bones which help prevent knee injury.  Not only will strengthening your joints and bones help with future skiing but also can help prevent bone loss.




What do you think the advantages of skiing are?  Does it enhance your mood?  Give you increased energy?  WinterKids is passionate about winter activities and love that our favorite winter sports offer us the ability to a healthy lifestyle.

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MacKenzie just recently moved from Tennessee to the beautiful Colorado region to explore more of the outdoors. Her love for adventure and nature are huge passions behind her lifestyle. She's excited to be so close to the mountains so she can hike, bike, and snowboard!

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