Shape Up, Snow Bunnies

After a summer full of barbecues, pool parties, and vacations, and with opening days coming up soon (A-Basin may be opening up as early as next month!), it is time to start shaping up for the slopes.  We all know that “First Day Feeling” when you hit the mountain for the first time in the season, and your legs are talking about it for days after.  That is why it is so important to start working those legs long before they take to the mountains. There are studio classes, charity events, community events, and free outdoor activities, which provide excellent preparation for the 2013 season.

In anticipation of lots of our locals preparing for Rocky Mountain riding, we have selected a number of suggested events located around the beautiful city of Denver, CO.

Take advantage of the late-summer terrain. The same mountains that we can now climb in shorts and hiking shoes will soon be covered in inches of fresh powder.   Before the winter rushes in, set aside some time to hike the Hanging Lakes Trail.  For a rigorous 1.2 mile hike, you’ll be going up the slope instead of down (trust us, your legs will save the thank you for the winter).  Besides the incredible beauty, this will give you the chance to experience aerobic exercising at high altitudes.  That way, when you head downhill, you will shred with speed and avoid fatigue. Another great part about hiking this time of year is the changing color of the leaves. The Rocky Mountains are already turning beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow!

Work on your strength and endurance with Health on the Hill at Ruby Hill Park.  The rigorous 8-week program, beginning on September 8th, will have you working with qualified trainers to kick it into high gear before you head to the high country.  The goal is to pack as many runs as possible into one day, and not feel it the next so, building on your endurance is key to having a successful day on the mountain.

Give Kundalini Yoga a try at the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens every Monday at 6:00 pm. With a strong emphasis on meditation and the awakening of energy, this will give you the strength to fight the winter cold hibernation mentality.

Give yourself a little rest, and get the little ones in shape to ride alongside this coming winter.  Iyengary Yoga Center offers youth yoga classes that combine an introductory level yoga class with a creative art project at the end.  Perhaps at this point you’ll have time to sneak a little chocolate in.


We also know that everyone will be shredding it up on all different mountains throughout the country, so….

With locations in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington, CorePower Yoga is a great way for a lot of our snow bunnies to get somewhere close!   Yoga is a wonderful way to gain both physical and emotional nourishment for braving the upcoming winter and the cold weather that is sure to come. We highly recommend the Yoga Sculpt class, which incorporates hand weights, cardio, core, and of course, yoga. You’ll be seeing results in the mirror- and on the mountain- in no time.

Get in shape and give back with Yoga Rocks the Parks.  With groups throughout the country, Yoga Rocks the Parks provides weekly gatherings, in favorites parks, that combine yoga and music in a festival-like event.  Denver, with all of our incredible parks, is a great place to explore this fun program.  But luckily, there are chapters in Boulder, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Omaha, and Phoenix!  As an organization, they donate over 50% of net profits to selected national and local charities, and well that’s amazing.  With social events like this, shaping up doesn’t have to be such a tremendous drag.  Hooray for parties not ending with the conclusion of the summer (although, you may need to set down the margaritas for this one)!


No matter what the activity, the most important thing is to get moving!—because being a stiff snow bunny is painful and dangerous. How do you prepare for your coming winter journeys? If you have any ideas to help your fellow snow bunnies shape up, we would love for you to share.

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